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Posted: Thursday, April 14, 2022 4:56:26 PM
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A big thank you goes out to Woodcraft for hosting this site.

The Ping Pong Disaster

By the title everyone could probably guess what happened. Our beloved Ping Pong Launcher is a project no more. There is always one in the crowd. You know them. They are the ones who don't think and usually act inappropriately. The ones who rarely want to follow directions or rules. Our's took an unfinished project out to the playground and started pointing it at the younger kids. The younger kids don't understand it was funny to him. Our new Principal was not amused. It's a good thing I had proper clearance from the school's founder some nine years ago. Still, I won't argue the point and took both the templates and the model home. At least I can scare a burglar with it someday.

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