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Posted: Friday, September 29, 2017 12:49:08 PM
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Monster Truck!

What in the world could a radio control chassis...
be doing in wood shop?

Scott is at it again. Knowing that there is only one week remaining in the quarter, and that he will soon be changing classes in the rotation, Scott hurries to complete this Monster Truck.

His first plan was to disassemble the chassis and use the parts for his creation, but reason and time both made him rethink that and I can't wait to hear back about how it works at home.

Posted: Friday, September 29, 2017 1:12:16 PM
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Now I've had high school students make Plinko games for math class before, but never as elaborate as this 7th grade student's creation. Marshall decided to give this a try and has never wavered from working to complete it no matter what got in his way...including me. I wasn't too thrilled about it because of past experience.

Undaunted, Marshall carefully measures out where to drill for the pegs, then brings it over for me to check before proceeding to the drill press. I'm looking at it and telling him somethings not quite right... let's draw a few diagonal lines. Yep, they were a little off and after making the lines, he quickly adjusts where to drill 1/4" peg holes.

Next comes the cabinet parts. After I cut grooves on the table saw for the top, sides and bottom, Marshall heads to the drill press and scroll saw to cut the slots.

Now we try fitting the cabinet parts together making sure everything lines up. So far, it seems to be alright.

And... to me it is impressive to see the puck bounce around plinking its way down the peg board during the test. It works way better than the high school ones thrown together by students needing extra credit to pass math. Their Plinko games were larger, but somehow a bunch of screws instead of actual pegs made them look awkward. They just didn't look or work very well.

No one has been more motivated than Marshall is... as he gets the newly purchased Plexiglas to the school the very next day. I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone get materials for wood shop this quickly. The bottom trays are completed, the Plexiglas cut to size and installed and boy does it look and work nice. All that is left to do is assign points to the tray bins.

Impressive is what everyone thinks... as he takes it out of wood shop to his next classes. So impressive that he is asked if the school can use it in the fall festival. Now that's saying something.... and their plan is to put candy in the bottom trays that kids will be able to win during the festival instead of assigning points. Now there's a good idea.

I am so impressed by Marshall, and the way his project works that I may just have to try one for myself...Um ...I mean for a class prototype.
Posted: Sunday, October 15, 2017 3:58:05 PM
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How to project a thriving multi-level woodworking program.

I recently rediscovered this collage image that was included with our grant application. I was hoping we might already have the funds, but not yet.

Although we are still in the running for a significant private grant for a whole shop exhaust system, a laser engraver, and a SawStop, the process is slowly working it's way to completion.... hopefully in our favor. At least my wish is to have good news soon.

As usual, I'll keep you posted.

If you haven't taken the time to look back at some of the updates I have been making to each post, then you are missing out on some really great stuff. I recently figured out how to make links within this site, that will go directly to each post. Slow connections or Internet speeds might require a little patience to load, but using the back browser arrow brings you directly back to where you left off reading. For example.... here is a direct link to the crankyman automata post and the back arrow brings you back here.

These links help clarify or point out ideas without a lot of fumbling around on your part. Now this makes me wish I would have made the posts smaller, concentrating on a single concept/issue/project, but doing that creates more pages. However, I could further direct teachers to these concepts in greater detail... so maybe some day I will be able to break it up into smaller sections. Doing this as an after thought would not keep them in chronological order. That order is part of what I think makes it more fascinating.... to watch a budding program thrive from day to day, week to week, etc... and work within the constraints of the times.

It's also too bad that DivShare has messed up their site. If any of you have been trying to get material on the broken links, let me know. I found my stash of material on one of my external hard drives, so I should be able to send them over e-mail. As I have time in the future, I would have uploaded this material to photobucket and remake the links, however, photobucket changed the free user agreement and I'm unsure as to what will work and what won't. Contact me so I can send material directly over e-mail.

Here are some general page short cuts for you...

Go to page 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... 5... 6 ... 7... 8

A message to new wood shop teachers who may have stumbled onto this site!

Because of spam... this site has been closed for quite some time now, but if you would like to join, we could use some new blood. The older guys have been retiring and thinning out the ranks. I didn't ask permission to post this, but I found out from a new member that he did this to gain access.... Send an e-mail to NOSPAM september_fleming. I've purposely mixed it up, so put the name first and make an e-mail address out of it without using the NOSPAM. I have noticed that this is helping new members get into the site while keeping the spammers out.

I've seen at least eleven new members have signed up since making this notice.
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