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Substitute Plans Options
Posted: Tuesday, May 10, 2016 9:38:29 AM
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Looking for new ideas for sub plans. I have full time computer lab access and normally have my High School students do some sort of writing assignment because I have high expectations for my students and showing a video just because there is a sub is frowned upon.

I have tried a few different writing activities:
1.Writing a script for a how-to video.
2.Reflection on what they have learned.
3.Learning about the anatomy of a deck using Home Depot's site. and a worksheet
4. I have also had them look for projects that use recycled projects and turn in a list of projects (with links).

What other ideas might you have?

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Posted: Thursday, May 12, 2016 10:58:15 AM
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Here is an activity that I came up with:

Students are told that they're in business making a certain item (I chose their freshman year project-a stool). They know what machines and tools are required and I told them to plan for $2000.00 per month fixed costs like rent and electric (I grabbed that number out of the air to keep things from getting too complex). They have to go online and do cost calcs on the machines and tools and add that to the yearly fixed costs. Then, using the cost per stool they had to figure out how many stools that they have to make to break even. Next they had to decide what their yearly salary was and figure out how many stools they had to make to earn their salary.

I could have gone even more complex with this and had them factor in time for mis-cut parts, etc but I only had 90 minutes.
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