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Summer job running a summer camp woodworking shop Options
Posted: Friday, February 26, 2010 11:50:00 AM
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Location: Hancock, NY
I'm looking for someone to run a full woodworking program at a summer camp. We've been building our woodworking program for the last several years, and I need additional expertise to help run the program. We've got a great open woodworking pavilion, with new Dewalt and Powermatic tools, a ceiling mounted dust collection system, etc... it's a nearly perfect setup, and the prospective candidate can have a say in the layout and equipment we purchase for the future.

The woodworking program is part of a large art department, itself part of a larger performing arts program. Children between 7 and 17 come from all over the world to take part in music, art, theater, dance, circus, sports, skateboard, horseback, magic and traditional summer camp activities. It's a dynamic, interesting environment, in the evenings we have symphony concerts, broadway style shows, rock concerts, magic shows, etc.

We're located in the Catskill mountains of upstate New York near the Pennsylvania Border. We offer room and board, possible tuition assistance for camp-age children, a salary, and travel assistance. I'd really like to find a teacher, professor, or retiree who would be available for multiple summers.

Anyone interested about the program can see our website at

I'd be happy to talk to anyone via email or phone if they want more information, contact info below:

Michael Knauf
French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts
Posted: Friday, February 26, 2010 7:22:12 PM
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Interesting, but how come when I follow the link to the camp, there is no reference to woodworking?

I used the site's search engine and typed in "wood", only to get this reply, "The search "wood" did not match any documents."

So I tried "wood shop" with similar results. As did "woodworking."

The link to "Art" mentions "woodworking", but the link does not mention it.

I doubt, even in hard financial times, that woodworking professionals are going to throw in their name to a program that exhibits no common courtesy regarding our craft. It seems like woodworking is an afterthought and was added in a scatterbrained approach to appeal to every available potential paying client.
Posted: Friday, March 12, 2010 12:44:38 PM
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Location: Hancock, NY
I'm a little taken aback at the idea that the program "exhibits no common courtesy regarding our craft." yes there is not a separate page for woodworking specifically, as it's part of a larger fine arts department, but there are photos of woodworking on the fine arts page, there is video of woodworking in our camp video... but clearly, you're offended by our "scatterbrained approach".

I'd rather characterize the program as comprehensive, we try to offer the widest variety of activities, at the highest levels of any summer camp. We are world famous for our music, theater, and circus programs. Our woodwroking program is not the center of camp, but it is a large, thriving program that deals with more than 100 campers a day, and employs 4 instructors.

I'm looking for a high level instructor to continue the program at the level it has been running for the last few years, how should I phrase that in a way that will not be offensive to prospective instructors such as yourself?
Posted: Friday, March 12, 2010 7:09:17 PM
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I agree with tbochman's response
Stephen Atkinson
Posted: Tuesday, March 16, 2010 6:43:49 PM
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Location: Warrington
Hi I'm Stephen Atkinson and I live in Warrington, England, and I would personnally cut my legs off for an opportunity to teach 7-17 years olds my skill in carpentry. Living in the UK gives me a unique prospective as we have every weather known to man over here, and I have the knowledge of the building trade to conquer every known condition! I believe my confidence and the way I am with people would make me perfect candidate for the job. Where do sign up??? Give me a tent, and I'm there!
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